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"Adrienne,  My experience at your sound therapy studio was really unique.  While I really have not been experienced in the type of thing nor am I a very spiritual person (But I am trying). I found my experience exceptionally relaxing and very unique. Your passion for this is very easy to see and think that you are comfortably in your lane.  I would certainly do this again, I think the more I open myself up to this the more I will get from it. But I indeed did feel connections that I may have never noticed. Thank you!"

-Tom K.

"Though somewhat skeptical before my session, I would say I feel an enhanced sense of peace, balance, and positive direction since.   Adrienne provided a lot of fascinating background information on how energy may be inhibited, and how sound therapy may work to improve or enhance overall wellbeing."    

-Sara L.

"Just had my first “tune-up” session with Adrienne. What and experience! I left feeling refreshed and EDUCATED. Adrienne really took the time to explain her entire process to me before we began. If you have never done this before you have to give it a try! I will be adding it to my regular routine.  Thanks Adrienne!"

-Paul M.

"I wish I knew about sound therapy before! The whole experience was amazing. Leaving, I felt so relaxed and refreshed! Definitely will be going back!"

-Robert S.

"Highly recommended! Had a sound tuning session and was absolutely amazing and noticeably balanced my body. Beautiful, relaxing and inviting studio too. I will be back."

-Joe M.

"Tuned Wellness is a fascinating new, yet not new, concept of elevating yourself spiritually, physically, mentally. This is the place to come if you want better for yourself and most importantly for the ones you love. Come here, open your mind and realize how powerful you can actually become. This is the place to Elevate yourself. Also go see Adrienne she’s amazing!"

-Curtis K.

"I had the pleasure of shopping at a new small business today "Tuned Wellness".  An awesome experience. Adrienne is both passionate and enthusiastic about sharing her craft to help her clients relax and heal.  Convenient in the heart of Murrysville, her studio is cozy and welcoming.  Her prices are more than reasonable.  Check out her website, you won't be disappointed. :)"

-Cheryl D.

"I went to Tuned Wellness with zero sound therapy experience or knowledge.  I also went in with extreme anxiety and fatigue...lack of sleep...tremendous stress etc.   I walked out of my sound therapy session with Adrienne Benda feeling weightless and inner joy - like I haven't felt in years.

My trauma and blockages to peace and security were removed and I can not say enough wonderful things about how this one hour session has changed my life.

I feel forever indebted to this real life shaman, Adrienne.

All my power love and strength came back to me like a wave. And I remembered who I am as a wonderful, beautiful, strong leader for all things sustainable...and both inner and outer beauty." 

-Rachel R.

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